Here are 5 reasons older women are dating sexy young men

Society is more than used to seeing older men with younger women on their arm. Sure, it may earn the couple a quick glance but it’s something that people are generally accustomed to seeing. Older women paired with younger men is something that we are starting to see more of. Now, it’s not completely out of the ordinary to see a woman out with a guy more than a few years her junior. Cougars are becoming more and more commonplace!
So why are all these older women starting to gravitate toward younger men? Well, older women have always been dating younger men. In more recent years, women have been more comfortable about being public with their love for youthful men, especially considering the rise of dedicated cougar dating and milf hookup apps.
But why are these older women dating younger guys? Here are a few reasons why older women are interested in dating hot young men!
1. Stamina
People don’t often associate aging with an increase of sex drive, but they should! Women-of-a-certain-age tend to notice a huge increase in sexual stamina. Male libido, however, tends to drop around this time. Instead of allowing themselves to be unsatisfied, older women are seeking out younger energetic lovers.
This allows them to feel more sexually satisfied without having to beg for sex from men their own age as younger guys are more willing to get down-and-dirty without much convincing.
2. Relaxed attitude
Older women are less likely to put up with bullshit. And older men tend to become very stubborn which isn’t attractive to a woman who isn’t interested in wasting her time.
Women are starting to become more and more busy with their careers, which leaves them with a limited amount of patience for crotchety old men. So instead, they’ve started dating men who are younger and much more relaxed.
Younger guys tend to have a go-with-the-flow attitude, which is a pleasant change of pace from high-stress work life or high-stress relationships. In all, they’d rather date a guy who makes their heart race in the bedroom… not someone who’s going to stress them out all the time.
3. Arm candy
I mean this is pretty obvious… but who doesn’t like some arm candy? Having an attractive partner is often seen as a huge status symbol. Why should that only be something for men?
4. Change of pace
Sometimes women need a break from dating men their own age. After getting out of a long relationship or going through a divorce – like more and more people are doing now-a-days – why would you go back and date someone just like the guy you divorced?
Dating someone from a slightly younger generation allows women to try a whole new flavor of men!
5. They like to be in charge
More and more women are becoming CEOs, getting better jobs, and are busy with work. These women might not have the time to fully commit to a relationship with someone just as busy and old as them.
So, they put all their extra money toward finding a ! That’s right, men aren’t the only one’s supporting younger partners in exchange for attention.

3 Weird ways to meet teen girls online


If you play your cards right, it’s easy to find loads of hot teen girls online who want to meet up with you. The secret to scoring these hot babes lies in these 3 weird tricks.

  1. Social Media

    I’ve found that the most reliable way to find girls like this is through the ever-growing power of social media. Instagram and Tinder are full to the brim with cute 18-year-old girls who crave attention from guys just like yourself.

    You’ve probably heard of the whole “slide in her DM’s” meme. Yeah, it’s funny, but it’s also a fool-proof plan. If you can catch a girls eye with your picture and make her laugh at the same time, then you’ve already got your foot in the door.

    Once you say something casual, funny or flattering, just sit back and wait for that sweet reply. It also helps to have something funny or impressive in your bio for them to check out while they’re stalking your profile.

  2. Be Friendly

    Nobody is going to reply to someone who seems aggressive or overly friendly. You should make it sound like you want to impress them while making it seem like you don’t give a shit at all if they reply or not.

    Maybe say something about one of their recent pictures. Say for example its a picture of her rock climbing at a local park. Just say something like, “oh hey, I’ve been to ____ Park like every weekend since last year. What’s your favorite spot?” If she doesn’t reply then don’t sweat it. Not all of them will so don’t let it get to you.

    Keep the conversation casual but interesting. Crack some jokes and ask about her. Let her know you’re a prominent man. Prove to her that you’ve got it all figured out and hint that you don’t really need her. You don’t have to be a teen girl to think that desperation is gross.

  3. Be Desirable

    I know a lot of girls who have been hit up by guys through their DM’s. It usually starts with a light conversation initiated by the man and then when the girl goes to browse his profile, she finds out he lives quite a lavish lifestyle.

    Money keeps broke teen girls very interested in you. This is called a sugar daddy and it’s one of the many bulletproof plans that can get you laid by some hot teen girl. Showing these girls a good time with an experience only someone who has money can achieve will reel these girls in like a moth to a light.

    Another crucial piece of advice I’d give to guys looking to smash hot teens would be this: Made a Venmo account. It’s a cash app that lets you transfer money directly into their accounts from your phone.

    One of the girls I know received $500 from a man every week as long as she kept sending him pictures of her feet. It may be costly, but that’s the price you might have to pay if your DM game isn’t strong enough.

3 Hilarious Facts About Mike Pence’s Gay Party

If you don’t know about Mike Pence‘s offensive remarks and stance in regards to the gay community, let me fill you in really quick. He is entirely against anything pro-gay along with accepting anything or anyone apart from the gay culture. Since his hatred will now be held to a higher degree since he took his political position this past week, many people felt the need to throw him a congratulations party.

Little did he know that there are more parties where that came from and that he will be dealing with the consequences that he deserves by spreading hate and ignoring the equality of love.

1. He wasn’t even there.

Obviously, the party was meant to him, and the SOB wasn’t even there to enjoy it! He was across town hosting a dinner party for some sort of National Gallery opening. I’m pretty sure he is disappointed that he missed out on all of the ruckuses. Even though his appearance wasn’t made it didn’t stop the people from dancing, twerking, loving and living that night to the fullest right in front of his household.

Even his neighbors came out to play and put all of their “pride flags” around their house to ensure that just because they live in his vicinity doesn’t mean they agree with a word that man says. It’s nice to know that the love and party will still continue even though the main man wasn’t there to be apart of such a historic night.

2. There was a hashtag made for this event #DisruptJ20.

Are you really surprised? Hashtags are awesome and help an event gain much more attention. Despite being a little more random than the typical “spreadlovenothate” hashtags, this one is definitely one to remember. Don’t forget to look up these hashtags on the social media sites to keep up with the latest posts and

3. There was nonstop, “Daddy Pence, come dance,” chant

Now there’s a catchy chant if I’ve ever heard one myself. Now only if he were there to actually here this in the streets would have been the cherry on top. Bouncing off of Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s latest hits, people gathered to show off their dance moves and of course take part in this chanting. Hoping this one doesn’t die too fast because he deserves to feel a little uncomfortable due to all of his petty remarks towards the gay community.

If you haven’t checked out the variety of videos online, please do so and take part in supporting the gay community even if that means keeping, “ Daddy Pence, come dance!” alive for just a few more months. Heck, even look up the hashtag, and I’m sure you’ll see all of the pictures and videos were taken that night. You’ll feel like you’ve been apart of one of the most famous dance parties ever to be hosted on a Vice President’s front yard.

Check out the video below to learn more about this!